Party Hall

Planning a Party in Aminjikarai?

Are you organizing a party in Aminjikarai and looking for the ideal venue? There are plenty of great options to choose from – some more budget-friendly than others. These will help create the perfect atmosphere.

A suitable venue should offer a range of services and amenities to make your event successful. These may include decorations, a dance floor, and more.

Aiyavoo Occasions Hall

Aiyavoo Occasions Hall is ideal for small events. birthdays and parties. The renovated Aminjikarai platform is off Atlantic Ave. Its amenities will make your party memorable.

Their dance floor and bar are large. Guests can enjoy the night. Tablecloths and silk flowers are also available.

Its low cost makes it attractive. Staff and forum fees are included. It’s budget-friendly for couples.

Our expert consultants can help you find the perfect wedding hall. We have affordable wedding halls. Fill out the brief form below for nearby corridors.

Aminjikarai’s most affordable event venues start from around 20000. This price includes the forum, staff and any necessary equipment. For more significant events, the cost may rise significantly. To get an accurate assessment of what to expect from your new venue, take a look at its facility specifications. Read through customer reviews to get a better idea.

All Occasions

Are you organizing a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or birthday party at All Occasions Hall in Aminjikarai? Look no further for the ideal venue. This venue boasts all of the necessary amenities and can accommodate up to 225 guests. They offer rental decorations such as tablecloths and silk flowers. Plus, you can rent tea carts and chair covers to make your event extra memorable.

Selecting the ideal hall for your wedding is an integral part of planning a successful event. There are plenty of choices out there, so it’s essential to find one that fits within your budget. And meets all of your requirements. To make it easier to find the ideal venue, we have created a platform with over best marriage halls in Aminjikarai available in one easy search – no hassle!

The cost of renting a party hall in Aminjikarai varies based on the size and date you wish to host your event.

In addition to the cost of an event hall, you should also account for additional expenses like decorations, catering services, and other amenities. You can get a better estimate of what a hall will cost by asking some questions about its capacity and amenities.

When planning a seating layout for an event, there are two popular options. Family style or round table arrangement. For an even more memorable celebration, why not rent out a dance floor?

The central Chennai wedding and reception venue Aiyavoo House is impressive. One of the city’s top event and reception venues, this place has great staff and amenities. City event and reception venues must visit the venue. Kimberly House rivals top hotels and restaurants with everything you need for a memorable celebration. The hotel may have your business.

24 Mini-Convention Hall

24 Convention Mini Hall is ideal for weddings and other events. It caters and decorates, ensuring a successful event. Its convenient location makes party guests’ arrival easy. You can add a tea cart and chair covers. It’ll be more memorable.

24 Convention Mini Hall hosts birthdays and graduations. It’s easy to find the right room with many options.

It’s ready for a wedding. They have experienced wedding planners. Your wedding should be memorable. They ensure its success.

This venue is ideal for weddings and other important events. It entertains and celebrates guests. Its convenient location and ample parking guarantee a smooth event.

Weddings and special events are perfect at Aminjikarai. letting guests of all ages have fun and celebrate. You and your guests can easily choose the best room from the many available. Hotel rooms meet their needs.

Aiyavoo Occasions Hall is a great wedding venue. Decor and food are abundant. With many tables and chairs, it’s easy to find the right setup for your gathering. Tables and chairs help you set up your party.

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